Is there a way to avoid SPAM Filters?

Is there a way to avoid SPAM Filters?

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Articles about Spam filter avoiding tips and tricks overload. However, the fact is that YOU CAN’T AVOID Spam filters, simply because they are an inseparable part of email sending process. Your emails may appear either in the inbox, in a categories tab, in a spam folder or completely blocked .

At SmartSender we encourage our clients to embrace Spam Filters and start playing according to the rules. Furthermore we provide expertise advisory on how the filters work and how the mailbox providers use them.

Here are some answers to FAQs, that you should consider in your Email Marketing:

  1. What is a Spam Filter?

There are specified criteria for organizing the email. Spam filters are the tools, which mailbox providers use to categorize the messages. In the beginning filters were designed to identify spam and block it, but nowadays the role of Spam filters was expanded for further inbox organization purposes, such as Gmail categories, Microsoft’s Focused inbox, etc.

  1. Why is it necessary to filter email?

Anti-spam solutions help the mailbox providers to protect their users from unwanted emails and more serious cyber threats. The providers either build their own system, leverage third party spam filter technology, or combine home grown and partner anti-spam solutions.

  1. What do Spam filters analyse?

There are some main types of filtering analyses, used by mailbox providers:

  • Source of the email
  • The Sender’s reputation
  • The email content
  • Subscriber engagement

Remember: Spam filters are an integral part of the email ecosystem. Filters are our friendly sanitizers which keep our users mailbox from billions of spam messages.

SmartSender experts are always open to discuss your emailing experience, provide rapid and detailed audit and help you improve.